Introducing our Purpose

What you get is driven by How you Think 

How you think determines what you think, and therefore whatever you will do. This puts you in charge of the results you achieve through thought – a unique meta-cognition.

Discover more about your own thinking with our Introduction to Effective Intelligence!

Effective Intelligence: what’s that? 

Effective Intelligence simply means to use your intelligence to best effect so that you can get things done, and done well.

In every enterprise, small or large, it is people’s thinking that generates real wealth from resources. Of all skills, ‘thinking’ is the most strategic. It multiplies value. When you improve your thinking processes you improve everything.

Why thinking matters 

Everyone has their failures, for we see where our Thinking-Intentions went wrong only too late. When we don’t score, or even hit the target, it’s because we failed to aim our intent well enough. How can this be avoided and turned to advantage?

Effective Intelligence - aiming at the target

Thinking fuels and enhances all other skills, so that investment in raising thinking performance brings returns in all activities.

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Effective Intelligence Trust 

During our more than 40 years of action research and teaching, many thousands of people in business and universities have assessed and improved their thinking. These have included scientists, artists, managers, health-workers, teachers, university students, and even teenagers at school.

Jerry Rhodes has now founded the Rhodes Effective Intelligence Trust. With the expertise of the Master Trainers and Associates of the Trust, and the online services and products now available, many more people can also discover and learn the skills of effective thinking.

Effective Intelligence – where it came from 

The original research team in the 1970s, of which Jerry Rhodes was a member, found the patterns of thought that help you do better things, better.
They also identified the thinking processes that distinguish how tasks, projects and teams are handled successfully.
There are just three fundamental drivers of your thinking – which are embodied in the Effective Intelligence logo:

Effective Intelligence logo: circle with equal parts Blue, Red and Green

Questioning in ignorance 

Thinking drives everything we do. Effective Intelligence shows you how to raise awareness of your own thinking patterns so you can bring the right Thinking-Intentions to the tasks in hand.


Effective Intelligence promotes this toughest skill of all and shows you the kinds of questions that will get you where you want to go.
The world is changing fast and faster. None of us knows the answers. But we can know the kinds of questions to be asking.

Question marks

The art or skill of raising the questions that break open a difficult issue and lead to an exceptional solution relies critically on imagination.
Yes, imagination – we need it even more. Effective Intelligence raises the skills of imagination to the same level of significance as critical thinking. This is just one more unique feature you will discover when you start your journey into your Thinking-Intentions.
You can begin here.

What’s in Effective Intelligence? 

Thinking work is challenging work. Effective Intelligence meets this challenge. It is the system for learning how to choose the best thing to do (intelligence) and to make sure it gets done (effectiveness). A mixture of hard and soft skills. For example, people of high intelligence do not always use their mind effectively, or their solution might not be effective enough to win the approval from those needed to make it work.
How do you know how you are thinking? Or what’s going on in the other person’s mind?  All of us are well used to recognising a person by the profile of their face. What if you knew their thinking profile?

A portrait of the head, with questions inside. This represents the individual's Thinking-Intentions Profile.

Suppose you had a way to recognise hidden inner thinking processes!

Effective Intelligence – A Clear Language for Thought 

It enables you to:
• Profile your habits and balance of thought so you recognize ‘how’ you think with Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile, the gateway to Effective Intelligence.
• Learn the intrinsic strengths of your patterns of thinking, what you miss out on, and how to balance your thinking better. It is highly motivational to discover how you yourself think.
• Practise and develop your questioning skills in our online Courses and get individual guidance and support with your own projects.
• Adopt the Alphabet of Thinking-Intentions as your language of thought, to grow your effective intelligence and so to raise your performance.

The alphabet of Thinking-Intentions

What are Thinking-Intentions? 

Thinking-Intentions (Thunks for short and for fun) specifically identify and name the invisible forces that drive your thoughts. They give you a unique language for making skilful use of the inner or unseen workings of your mind. This language enables you to better aim and steer how you think to match what the situation needs.

You can discover this language right now here: it’s your introduction to Effective Intelligence.

Your Future 

You probably check out regularly what’s on offer to help you with your career and your aims.

Effective Intelligence offers you an immediate new understanding of how you think, and paves the way for using this to raise your game. Just as learning to read or to work with numbers never goes out of date, what you learn about ‘how you think’ will last a life-time. It is generic and fundamental.