Licensee Programme Administrator – Help and Training Page

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1. The following video gives you a quick overview of the programme menu:

Creating New Programmes

You may find it helpful to first watch Video 2 below, and then read through this section afterwards.

  • When choosing a name for your programme, it will only apply to the admin (your) side. The name is for your reference only. Participants will always see the same programme name; “Introduction to Effective Intelligence”.
  • Programmes start at midnight UTC on your chosen start date, or immediately if set up at short notice on the same day. Programmes end at midnight UTC on your chosen end date.
  • Any users who have not completed their questionnaire by the programme’s end date will be automatically removed from the programme. If you need to restore these participants, they will need to be entered into a new programme. For this reason, please ensure that your participants complete their questionnaires in time, to avoid inconvenience.
  • IMPORTANT: If you want to set up a test programme to try things out, please only add real email addresses for your participants. We can’t allow the system to send emails out to fake addresses, because this can affect our ability to deliver your programmes in the long term. If you need email addresses for testing, we can provide you with some – please ask and we’ll be happy to help.
  • IMPORTANT: It is up to you to inform your participants about their programme. Along with any information that you wish to provide them for your own purposes, please tell them to go to and follow the instructions to create their password and account in order to log in and take part.
  • Your participants can set up their account at any time, even before your programme start date, but they will only be able to participate from the start date onwards.

2. This video shows you how to create a new programme:

3. This video shows you how to make changes to existing programmes:

Adding Participants to a Programme

Note that not only can you add participants before a programme starts, but you can also add them once it has already started, right up until the end date. You can add participants as many times as you like, for example it’s no problem to add late-comers at any time.

You can also remove participants from a programme by using the Remove button next to their name. You can remove someone at any time as long as they have not yet completed their questionnaire. Once they complete, they cannot be removed.

4. The video below shows you how to add participants to a programme.

PDF Result Summaries, Debrief Cover & Doc

If you want to use the PDFs in Chinese, you may encounter some issues displaying the Chinese characters correctly, depending on your system. For best results open the PDFs in either Mozilla Firefox or Adobe Reader. You may be prompted to install a language pack.

You can see a sample of each PDF here: 3 Driving Forces 6 Mind-Frames 21 Thunks

If you want to use the Debrief Cover, your logo will be automatically added to it if you have provided us with a logo. If not, your name will appear as text instead.

For your convenience we have also included a link to download the Debrief Doc itself, if you need it.

5. The video below shows you how to download and print the PDF Result Summaries.

How You Think

Releasing How You Think results applies to the whole programme. You cannot release How You Think to individual participants. However, no email is sent out to participants when you release How You Think, so you could simply just inform those who need to know, and the others are not likely to log in again after completing their questionnaires, unless you instruct them to do so.

If you want to completely control access to How You Think for specific participants or groups of participants, then each of these will need to be set up in their own separate programme, rather than everyone being in the same programme.

6. The video below shows you how to give your participants access to How You Think:

7. The video below shows you how to use Monthly Reports:

8. The video below shows you how to search for a participant:

9. The video below provides a tour of the whole flow from a participant’s point of view:

If you want to set up a test programme yourself, please make sure you add real email addresses (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo) for the participants. If you don’t have access to enough real email addresses, we can assist with this.