Master Trainers

North America:

Dr. Brett Richards, PhD – Founder: Connective Intelligence

Brett is the President and Founder of Connective Intelligence Inc., a consultancy which specializes in the development of customized training and organizational development solutions for a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, globally.

Brett has integrated Effective Intelligence into every fabric of his practice since 1992, serving as an MTO (Master Trainer Organization) since 2004. He has conducted research with Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile and recently integrated Effective Intelligence into a new empirical tool to assess an organization’s ability to grow and transform, called the Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI). Drawing on his years of experience applying Effective Intelligence with leaders and teams around the world, Brett’s recent research explored “cognitive styles” at the organizational level, indicating the powerful force of thought at play within all organizational systems.


Julian Chapman – President: Forrest and Company

Julian Chapman

Julian Chapman has over three decades of experience engaging teams and organizations, from small groups to thousands of employees, building their leadership capability. His leadership knowledge is augmented by his 30+ year “second” career as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces from which he retired in 2014 at the rank of Brigadier-General. He joined Forrest & Company in 2002, taking over as President of the company in 2015.

Julian travels extensively to assist Forrest’s clients in designing solutions to achieve extraordinary results using the Forrest methodologies. Known as a pioneer of thinking in the workplace, Julian is a master trainer in Effective Intelligence, which he brings to organizations through keynote addresses or assisting individuals and teams in solving problems through effective thinking. Julian has worked with Effective Intelligence since 1996 using it in training, coaching, facilitation and consulting sessions with most of Forrest’s clients.

Julian is the author of The Managerial Leadership Journey: An Unconventional Business Pursuit, published in May 2022, which references Effective Intelligence and builds on its concepts with regard to leadership.