Program: Introduction to Effective Intelligence


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1. In a difficult meeting I like to

establish the boundaries of the problem

seek new perspectives by thinking for the moment like someone completely unlike me

check out the reasoning behind the actions taken or proposed

2. When I am being effective, it's because I'm enjoying

keeping wide open to any options

sorting unorganised information into appropriate categories or lists

being decisive, even with limited information

3. When people oppose me, my preference is to

be attentive all round, with all my senses alert

pursue more and more ideas to find a better way

bring out what I believe matters

4. When I have to make a decision, I like to

challenge assumptions that could block new ideas

push forward to get things done

examine the issue thoroughly, turning it inside out

5. I enjoy what I am doing when I can

respond to my 'gut-feel' about an idea

pick out what is special in an idea and how it is different from others

sort out the information connected to an idea in an orderly way

6. When faced with conflicting opinions, I feel pleased if I can

confront all assumptions - my own as well as others'

listen to what is said without making judgements

cross-examine the rationale being used, so as to spot any weaknesses in it

7. When someone insists on having their own way, I try to work with them by

defining the scope of the project

predicting the results of going ahead with what they want to do

being flexible, and open to moving in any direction

8. I enjoy working through an important issue when I am able to

refer to similar situations

side-step, to bring an entirely different angle on things

alternate between the particular problem and its system-wide implications

9. When there is an argument, I like

'tuning in' to my sixth-sense, for new approaches

turning the issue both inside out and outside in

making my own interpretation of the matter

10. At meetings, I most enjoy

drawing on personal values as they should affect what we're trying to do

focussing on how to get an idea across to other people

thinking up all the different things that could be achieved 'if... if... if...'

11. To break through a difficult situation, I like to contribute by

persistently searching for better ways of doing it

getting what is known actually specified in detail

identifying the few things that are really key

12. When I have a disagreement with someone, I like to handle it by

checking out the soundness of our thinking

loosening any fixed position we may have already taken up

switching focus between the immediate situation and its context

13. My preferred way to improve a difficult relationship is to try to

map out the range and scope of each person's involvement

match up our perceptions of one another

question old habits of thought which may constrain us

14. If I want to understand fully what is going on, I prefer to

clarify that what I am hearing is what's really meant

conjure up pictures in my imagination that bring me fresh ideas

make relevant comparisons with other experiences

15. When faced with a critical situation, I am inclined to focus on

getting down to the action quickly

moving its various aspects around to find more angles on it

gauging the appropriate scale or level to work at

16. Working on a problem, I am in my element when I can

keep on searching for improvements to the ideas that have been generated

determine what is likely to go wrong

categorise the information to handle it better

17. When in doubt about what to do next with a problem, I most naturally depend on

what I can actually see and hear for myself

looking for analogies to widen the possibilities

identifying the significant patterns in this particular problem

18. When a project is going all wrong and opinion is divided on what to do, I believe in

contrasting all the different things being said

throwing up a range of scenarios and possibilities

finding out the impartial facts about the situation

19. In an awkward situation, I am likely to

look for the funny side of it

put heart and soul into our efforts to do what is best

rely on accuracy and detail to get through it

20. When I'm responsible for handling information, I like to put effort into

the rationale and relevance of what is being used

organising it well for access and retrieval

finding various ways of re-organising it to create new ideas

21. To sort out a complex problem, I like to

absorb information through every pore, looking, listening, sensing

put the pieces together so as to make sense of it all

get around it, without actually breaking the rules

22. In helping people with their problems, the approach I am most comfortable with is

using my intuition to get insights into their situation

anticipating the likely outcome of what they propose

talking things through in their own 'language'

23. If I should feel stressed, I prefer to cope by

trying to understand why I am feeling under such pressure

spelling out exactly what has and has not to be done

using unusual associations to envision some solution

24. If I am writing something, I like to

attend to the style and format which will get the subject across

explore a variety of original slants on the subject

pick out the features of the subject that are truly distinctive