J D Rhodes, known as Jerry Rhodes, is the the founder of the Rhodes’ Effective Intelligence Trust.  He has built the licensing network for delivering Effective Intelligence.  Blended learning, ‘live’ and ‘online’, is key which is how Effective Intelligence is delivered.  Businesses today value experienced trainers and coaches who can back up their training with the latest online support services.

Jerry Rhodes, Founder

Master Trainers

Effective Intelligence Associates

In-House licensing for Corporates is delivered and serviced only through Jerry Rhodes and the Master Trainers, to maintain standards.  The Accreditation process for licensing in-house is to assure quality.

In-house Licensees are not listed here.

The Associates on this site have all been trained by Jerry Rhodes.  The Master Trainers undertake a strenuous programme of Accreditation.

The Associates deliver and service Effective Intelligence to companies in North and South America, Europe including UK, China, South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia.