Associates working worldwide directly with the Trust.

United States and Asia

Michael Hargrove

Dr. Michael Hargrove is passionate about helping leaders increase their operational effectiveness and strategic focus. He knows that effective thinking is a critical success factor of effective leadership. Using his keen insight and analytical perspective, Mike teaches leaders how to think differently, see opportunities that others miss, and act decisively to create exceptional value for the firm.

United States

Barry Frew

Dr. Barry Frew is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and thought leader regarding professional development and learning events. He and his company promote higher order thinking and create learning events aimed at improving and altering mindsets and cultures. Barry has worked extensively in both public, non-profit, and private sector environments.


Jeanne Frew

Jeanne Frew’s experience spans from highly technical to executive leadership and professional development. Her emphasis has been leading change. Jeanne, co-owner of Frew & Associates, now focuses on personal and professional development of executives and high potentials immersive learning events, coaching and mentoring.



Lesley Klue

Lesley Klue is the Director of Lesley Klue Consulting, specialising in Personal & Professional Development. She uses Effective Intelligence as a framework for the assessment and implementation of thinking strategies to enhance personal, professional, and organisational performance.



Govine van der Plas

Govine has earned her spurs in coaching and recruitment. She was co-founder of 227 Search – a recruitment agency for media professionals – and before that worked for more than five years at Ernst & Young Interim Management. With the knowledge and expertise gained, she started her own coaching practice in 2010: Young Executive Coaching.


United Kingdom

Bob Garratt

Professor Robert Garratt is a company chairman, academic, and consultant on corporate governance, board, director, and organisational development, and strategic thinking. He is based in London, England and among his many varied projects, he has taken Effective Intelligence across the world. He is past Master (2009 – 2010) of the worshipful company of management consultants


Kathy Bachler

Kathy Bachler is a leadership consultant and executive coach. She works with Effective Intelligence to build effective teams, deliver culture/behaviour change and facilitate management development. She develops bespoke programmes to support strategic thinking, creativity and innovation, decision-making and problem solving.